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You put a lot at risk when you don't plan well

  • Choices are influenced by¬†apprehension in the unknown, rather than confidence in the journey.
  • Individuals become so engrossed in change that they lose sight of the mission.
  • The legacy of the transitioning leader is remembered as a cautionary tale rather than a source of motivation.
  • The chance to demonstrate confident humility¬†is missed.
  • Progress stalls as individuals adopt a "wait and see" attitude.
  • The opportunity¬†to serve as a role model for other leaders and organizations¬†slips away.

The Planning Succession Framework

Sherpa's planning framework is a collections of tools and resources organized around six questions every Board should have an answer for.

How do we help our transitioning leader?


Help the transitioning leader (and spouse!) prepare for their next season of influence

How do we minimize disruption?


Anticipate and address areas that could become disruptive during the transition

How do we manage the transition?


Establish a defined plan for how to project manage the leadership transition process

How do we communicate well?


Embed confidence in the process and inspire continued investment in the mission

How do we manage the search process?


Develop a profile, advertise the position, vet candidates, negotiate the offer, and onboard the successor

How do we plan for the unplanned?


Write a policy that guides your response to an unplanned leadership transition

James R. - Retired

"When our team first started talking about my transition it felt like this slippery amoeba-shaped thing that would constantly slip through our fingers and pop up somewhere else in a different form. Sherpa's planning process helped immensely as it turned succession into something our team could actually grab onto."

Coaching Options

Sherpa helps leaders plan succession in three ways.

Good option for...

  • Leaders who want to process privately
  • Teams that want to¬†plan at their own pace
  • Organizations¬†that need resources on a budget
Online Resources

Good option for...

  • Leaders who want real-time feedback
  • Teams¬†that need a flexible coaching schedule
  • Organizations that need coaching on a budget
Virtual Coaching

Good option for...

  • Leaders who value collaborative planning
  • Teams looking for a focused time together
  • Organizations that want personalized coaching
Onsite Workshops

What do HEALTHY & EFFECTIVE leadership successions look like?

Healthy successions...

  • ensure the people impacted feel cared for, respected, and heard
  • navigate pushback and conflict with grace, confidence, and clarity
  • create opportunities for leaders to have honest and open conversations about challenges that need to be addressed

Effective successions...

  • are holistic in nature, meaning leaders aren't caught off guard by issues they didn't think to consider
  • inspire trust and confidence in people as a result of holistic and thoughtful planning
  • result in finding successors who respect your history, fit your culture, and have the ability to move the organization forward

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