Become a Planning Succession Certified Guide

Help ministries implement healthy and effective succession plans


Poorly Managed Transitions Come With A Significant Cost

Become a Planning Succession Certified Guide to help your churches avoided these outcomes


Why become a Planning Succession Certified Guide

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Help your churches implement healthy and effective succession plans

The Planning Succession Certification equips denomination and associational leaders with the tools and methods needed to help their churches navigate key leader transitions.

More and more pastors and church leaders recognize the need for better tools and planning methods to help prepare. Denominations and Associations are in the best position to provide the necessary resources to do so effectively. A Planning Succession Certification equips denomination and association leaders with the tools, methods, and skills necessary to help churches plan effectively.
Sherpa supports those being certified with a 2-phase training process, a license to use our planning tools, and ongoing support. To become a Planning Succession Certified Guide:
  1. Fill out our online application (see blow)
  2. Schedule a 45-minute interview
  3. Complete the training and get to work helping the churches you serve
Without a framework, you’re just delivering advice. But your pastors and churches are looking for more. They’re looking for a proven system they can trust to deliver results. As a Planning Succession Certified Guide, you will be in the best position to serve them. Apply to become a Planning Succession Certified Guide today.

Planning Succession Certified Guides help churches:

Anticipate areas of potential disruption and create a plan to minimize negative impact

Establish a defined plan for how to project manage the succession process

Develop a communication plan that embeds confidence in the process and continued investment into the ministry

Help the transitioning leader (and spouse!) prepare for their next season of influence

Create church and candidate profiles, advertise the position, vet candidates, negotiate the offer, and onboard the successor

Write an Emergency Succession Planning Policy that lays out a response in the event of an unplanned, emergency situation

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