Planning Succession & Transition Coaching

Guiding organizations and individuals through seasons of transition



For leaders of local churches, para-church ministries, or faith-based organizations preparing for (or responding to) a key-leader transition...and would like assistance in developing a plan

"Will's knowledge of succession and his genuine desire to serve Pastors and the churches they lead is unique!"

Dana Allin

ECO's Synod Executive


For individuals approaching a season of change or transition in their personal or professional life...and would like to engage with someone that can help process their journey

"Every time I talk with Will I receive powerful and timely coaching that ultimately makes me better."

Eric Clark

Stonegate's Spiritual Formation Minister

Planning Succession coaching will be helpful if you are asking one or more of the following questions:

  • How do we minimize disruption during a key leadership transition?
  • How do we design a leadership transition strategy?
  • How do we manage the search process?
  • How do we communicate effectively?
  • How do we help our transitioning leader?
  • How do we write an Emergency Succession Planning Policy?

Transition Coaching will be helpful if you are wrestling with one or more of the following issues:

  • Struggling to understand where the transition is leading you
  • Mapping out a clear plan on how to move forward
  • Understanding where to focus your energy and resource
  • Bringing other people along in your journey
  • Dealing with conflict related to the transition process

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